Basic Math Syntax in the System


Writing Mathematical Expressions

The basic syntax for entering mathematical formulas or expressions in the system enables you to quickly enter expressions using 2-D notation. You can type formulas using standard mathematical notation (similar to that used for a graphing calculator) and, in general, the system correctly interprets it.


For example, the following formula is acceptable.


(x^2-2x+1) 2sin(x) (x^2+1)e^(-x^2)


Note: If a product includes one or more variables, always use an asterisk "*". For example, specify 2*$A.


For a Maple question, you must always include an asterisk (*).




The most common mistake is to forget parentheses "()". For example, the expression:


is different from:


which the system interprets as:

(1/x) + 1


Alternatively, you can use MathML expressions, which are supported for both display and content within the system.  

Variable Names

You can use any letter for a variable name.  


Note: The grading system is case sensitive with respect to variable names. So if the correct answer is:


then the response

T^2 + 2T +1

is graded wrong, but

t^2 + 2t +1

is correct.


Note: Be certain that the case of letters like x and X or v and V in answers match the case of the variables in questions.

Operator and Function Syntax




Note: The variable e should not be assigned as a global variable in Maple code. It can be used, however, as a local variable.


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