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Diploma 6 (Windows) Release Notes

As of Diploma 6.67, these release notes are kept at: http://www.wimba.com/services/support/documentation. Below are the release notes for Diploma releases prior to 6.67.
6.65 (Build 0102 - 10/28/2009)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem when tables were at the beginning of question text - during printing, an extra blank line would appear, making the table text not line up with the question number.
  • Fixed a problem importing optional hyphens - an extra space would end up being inserted where the hyphen had been.
6.64 (Build 0098 - 9/24/2009)
  • Added Moodle export option (supports 1.7 - 1.9).
  • Diploma now remembers the column settings (which columns are visible, and their relative sizes) when you change them, whether or not you save the file afterward.
  • Added explicit support for Blackboard 8 and 9 (no changes were necessary).
  • When importing of scaled images from RTF, the scaling is maintained.
  • Added the ability to turn off looking for variables when importing RTF.
  • Added the ability to import OLE objects as images when importing RTF.
  • Added detection of answer letters in parenthesis for auto answer locking.
  • Renamed Diploma to "Wimba Diploma".
  • Added a resume capability to some of the Pub Kit tools. (Pub Kit)
Bug Fixes
  • Addressed some cases of RTF importing not finding the question correctly when something that looked like a question number was elsewhere in the question, and the question number was formatted differently from the character following the number.
  • Fixed a problem with list variables that had strings with commas in them.
  • Fixed a problem where a table row RTF tag with no cells preceding it would crash when exporting to HTML.
  • The presence of some low characters in the text (character codes less than 32) caused problems with some of the exports.
  • Creating a Tutor package would fail when creating pre-made quizzes from fields. (Pub Kit)
  • Inserting PNG images larger than 50KB was not working.
  • On the answer key, changed the label for Feedback from "Responses" to "Feedback".
  • Added a warning message when adding only disabled questions to an exam.
  • Improved detection of the implicit default font when importing from RTF.
  • Turning off Undo didn't disable the undo options on the question editor.

6.63 (Build 0094 - 6/29/2009)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 6.62 when editing characters in fonts other than the default font.

6.62 (Build 0092 - 4/21/2009)
  • Added better ability for Diploma to handle more than 26 answer choices, up to 156 answer choices. Improved many exports to handle large numbers of answers as well.
  • When only an image is selected in the editor, the image is also placed on the clipboard. Previously, the image was only placed on the clipboard as part of the RTF.
  • Added support for importing a non-breaking hyphen as a regular hyphen.
  • Added an option to show the number of times a field value is used in the Information Fields dialog. (Pub Kit)
  • Added an option to scramble all of the answer choices, honoring the scrambling rules for the question. (Pub Kit)
  • Updated the Information Fields dialog to be resizable, to make it easier to view long field values.
  • Added the ability to set the current reference for a question via the right-click menu on the question list.
  • The boxes for the list of field values on the Filter toolbar now adjust automatically to the size of hte field values listed.
  • Listing Windows 7 on the tech support dialog when Diploma is running under Windows 7.
Bug Fixes
  • Multiple Choice and Multiple Selection answer choices were not being set to locked on Blackboard (6.3 and higher) and Desire2Learn exports unless all answers were locked.
  • Updated the "Remove Unnecessary Equations" tool to be run on only the current chapter, and better handling of spaces before and after the equation when it is turned into rich text. (Pub Kit)
  • Updated answer scrambling to scramble the previous version when available - when printing or exporting multiple versions, this seems to help make the answer choice order unique from version to version.
  • Fixed a problem where Multiple Choice questions converted to Multiple Selection questions exported extra answer processing in QTI 2.1. (Pub Kit)
  • Removing a chapter from a question bank was not marking the question bank as dirty, and not prompting for a save when exiting Diploma.
  • Added URL encoding to the registration link created by the installer, to improve consistency with the data loaded into the registration form while registering.
  • Improved the ability of the upgrade/repair installation pathways to update the registration link and keep the question bank information intact within it.
  • Some equations were not importing correctly due to the wrong information inside the OLE stream. Switched the import process to look in more places to get it to try to load the OLE data as an equation. (RTF Import)
  • On Angel 7. general feedback was being displayed twice for Multiple Choice questions when no answer-specific feedback was specified.
  • Fixed the "Learn More about Importing" link on the import dialog. It now links directly to the help topic for the type of import selected.
  • Fixed a problem with special characters from alternate (particularly Asian) character sets of the default font.
  • For the DHTML export, references were not being added for Multiple Selection, Matching, Fill-in-the-Blank, or Essay questions.
  • Removed the redundant "Answer:" text for questions exported to Blackboard 6.3+ as essay.
  • Fixed a problem with Blackboard 6.3+ not importing the Matching questions that had been automatically converted to Essay.
  • After creating a new chapter, it couldn't be renamed - it could only be renamed after clicking on a different chapter and then clicking back. Similar behavior occurred after removing or deleting a chapter, on the chapter that was automatically selected.
  • Fixed some issues with the dirty flag being set for loading data that had been saved with earlier versions of Diploma.
  • Fixed some problems with copy/paste while editing chapter names.
  • Fixed some problems importing answers for True/False questions.
  • Setting field import settings with the "Import Settings:" keyword was not working reliably.
  • Updated the Autorun.exe to link to wimba.com.
  • Added answer labels for Multiple Selection questions when exported to Blackboard 6.3+.
  • Prevented export of questions with more than 10 answer choices to TheTestingCenter, which only supports up to 10 answer choices.
  • When displaying the target list in the exam window, removed the reference to the same exam window.

6.61 (Build 0087 - 8/8/2008)
  • Number line plots added to math plotting, including plotting points, segments, rays, lines, box and whisker plots, and vectors. (Plot)
  • New zoom in/out and pan capabilities added to the plot preview to define the plot bounds. (Plot)
  • Standardized plot syntax to include Diploma algorithm-style syntax and functions. (Plot)
  • Added grid options to the axes setup. (Plot)
  • Added minor ticks options to the axes setup. (Plot)
  • Added control of plto samples to the axes setup. (Plot)
  • Polynomial plotting now has critical points and zeros of the 2nd derivative options, as well as labeling the points used to generate the polynomial. (Plot)
  • Added help links to Wimba Plot. (Plot)
  • Improved performance of updating plot images, both inside Wimba Plot and within Diploma. (Plot)
  • Removed "Add" dialog and replaced with a pop-up menu instead. (Plot)
  • Improved the quality of the plot output, by ensuring that all text items were drawn only once. (Plot)
  • Added the label plot item type to the polar coordinate system. (Plot)
  • Switch to Vista UI font when running under Windows Vista. (Plot)
  • Added double-clicking on the preview area to open up the Axes Setup dialog. (Plot)
  • Added support for inf/-inf to Diploma's algorithm engine.
  • Updated image resources used for DHTML export.
  • Added IMS QTI 2.1 package export.
  • Updated documentation to include financial functions.
  • When inserting plots, the Diploma menu now has the three coordinate systems to choose from.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash when trying to draw points partially on the plot area. (Plot)
  • Fixed problems with plotting when the plot bounds was in the opposite order (e.g. 2 to -2 instead of -2 to 2). (Plot)
  • Fixed shading problems with plots that enter and leave the viewable graph area. (Plot)
  • Adjusted the division operator to create a floating point value if necessary. (Plot)
  • Improved the on-screen quality of the axes arrow heads. (Plot)
  • Fixed problems with various plot item types not drawing points and labels if the linestyle was set to none. (Plot)
  • Updated descriptions for plot item types to improve spacing and formatting. (Plot)
  • Fixed various crashes with syntax problems passed to the plotting engine. (Plot)
  • HTML export was exporting "@" when no correct answer was set.
  • DHTML export was not exporting multiple references correctly.
  • DHTML export was resetting the exam after showing the results screen in Safari.
  • When exporting to Blackboard 6.3 or 7, questions with more than 20 answers are now exported as essay.
  • Diploma was not saving 72 dpi images for WMF/EMF images that were scaled smaller than 100%, which caused problems when loaded on the Mac.
  • Fixed problems with True/False questions for WebCT CE 4, where WebCT would import them in the wrong order, and would randomize the answers.
  • Diploma was crashing when trying to import plain text files with the RTF importer.
  • Fixed some incorrect drag/drop behavior in the item lists.
  • Added a tool to clean up unused resources from questions. (Pub Kit)
  • Fixed wording of the "Copy To" tooltip when more than one exam was open.
  • Fixed errors when cancelling an export, which prevent further exports until restarting Diploma.
  • Fixed errors when cancelling printing to the XPS Doc Writer in Vista.
  • Fixed crash when entering large numbers in the Copy Randomly Toolbar.
  • Fixed Edit menu to apply to chapter names in the chapter list.
  • Double-clicking on a variable titled "name" now acts like double-clicking on any variable in the editor.
  • Added tooltips to all toolbar buttons on the record editor.
  • Fixed a crash exporting multiple files after removing a file from the question bank. (Pub Kit)
  • Fixed a sorting issue and a redrawing issue when adding chapter names or question numbers as an information field. (Pub Kit)
  • Fixed the close button on the New Question dialog.
  • Fixed installer to remove redunant question bank links from the "all users" desktop or start menu, if present.
  • Fixed uninstaller to remove question bank links from the desktop and the start menu.
  • Fixed a problem importing questions from RTF that started with numbers. (RTF Importing)
  • Improved importing question text and answers that contained only a table. (RTF Importing)
  • Selecting or Deleting the table was not working via the menu.
  • Fixed preview area's "Copy To" button to work even when multiple items were selected and no item was being previewed.
  • When de-selecting questions, the selected question count was not being updated.
  • When running the backup command, the folder name was not correct. (Pub Kit)
  • When printing True/False as Multiple Choice, Diploma now used the current Multiple Choice setting to determine the print style.
  • Plot labels were not visible when exporting exams to RTF.
  • EMF images (including plots) were not being clipped when previewing, editing, or printing questions.
  • The Select Folder dialog was not allowing keyboard interaction.
  • "Solve Variable" tool now solves math plots as well. (Pub Kit)
  • Increase space for answer labels for multi-part answers when printing.
  • Fixed application hanging when specifying numbers that would have exponents that are too large.
  • Fixed a problem with the installer creating URL links not properly encoded.
  • Fixed a problem with importing questions with more than 10 answers. (RTF Importing)
  • Fix a problem updating Diploma to 6.60/6.61 on Windows 2000 from an older version.
  • Fixed a problem with the installer reinstalling the question bank, when uninstalling Diploma from the original media.
  • Fixed a problem with the uninstaller not removing the Equation Editor.
  • Added a message to the uninstaller indicating that question bank data would not be removed.
  • Fixed a problem with importing answers that had an extended character as the last character. (RTF Importing)
  • Loading Diploma 5 exam files did not keep the file description to use as the default file name.
  • Diploma's algorithm engine was evaluating "-e" as 0.
  • Undo was not restoring plots correctly in some isolated circumstances.
  • Editing a plot now correctly updated the preview when that question is currently previewed in the background.
  • Fixed a bug where pasting from the clipboard would not replace the selected text.

6.60 (Build 0081 - 6/19/2008)
  • Math plotting functionality has been added. Includes cartesian and polar plotting. Cartesian plot items include f(x), parabola, circle, ellipse, hyperbola, point, line segment, polynomial, parametric, normal curve, and text box. Polar plot items include f(theta) and point. Variables can be used inside plot definitions to provide algorithmically generated plots.
  • Updated documentation, including documentation for math plotting.
Bug Fixes
  • The presence of superscript or subscript in a short-answer or fill-in-the-blank question now forces the question to export as essay.
  • Improved visual quality of toolbar/menu icons under Windows Vista.

6.56 (Build 0071 - 3/27/2008)
  • New Angel 7 package export.
  • Added the original Blackboard 6 export back as Blackboard 6.0-6.2 to provide compatibility with older versions of Blackboard 6, which are not fully compatible with the Blackboard 6.3 QTI-based export format.
  • Added an option to print the version as a letter instead of a number.
  • Added an analysis check for tab characters in information field values. (PubKit)
  • Update website links, tech support phone numbers, and copyright information.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix a problem where the resizing of the question editor would get stuck after certain revert or undo operations.
  • Fixed a problem where tab characters could be imported into information field values, causing display problems.
  • Fix Angel exporting of essay questions when the answer is an equation.
  • Fix Blackboard 6 export when the question title would include unicode characters.
  • Fix HTML-based export when background colors were specified in the question text.
  • Fix Desire2Learn export of short answer or fill-in-the-blank questions - numeric answers were making the question export as essay.
  • Fix Blackboard 6 export of true/false questions, where Blackboard always thought the answer was false.
  • Mixing Symbol characters and superscript or subscript formatting created invalid HTML that caused problems on some browsers.
  • Resized the area for installation error messages to provide enough room. Also fixed some line break issues that was causing the message to wrap incorrectly.
  • Fixed problems with the installation not correctly installing to network paths.
  • Fixed some issues with print previewing after specifying multiple print versions on the print dialog, where the preview would be displayed for each version.
  • Fixed an issue where testbanks that inadvertantly had global variables that were not cosntants or functions would not have those definitions copied into the exam when creating exams.
  • Fixed an issue where installing the same testbank again would not attempt to overwrite the destination files.
  • Fixed an issue with the progress bar not displaying on some versions of Vista Home Basic.

6.55 (Build 0063 - 11/26/2007)
  • Added new Desire2Learn export.
  • Updated Blackboard 6 and 7 exports to use the new XML-based format, and supports exporting Multiple Selection questions.
  • TheTestingCenter.Com now supports Multiple Selection questions.
  • Updated graphics on TheTestingCenter.Com.
  • Improved installation pathways when reinstalling Diploma with another question bank, including clarifying messages with detailed version information.
  • Improved the message displayed when attaching a file that was already in the question bank, or open elsewhere in Diploma.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug when trying to add "0" random questions, and all highlighted questions would be added.
  • Exporting all chapters into separate Blackboard files now uses chapter names for each ZIP file. (Pub Kit)
  • Fixed a problem on TheTestingCenter.Com with multi-line essay answers.
  • Fixed a bug with searching for line breaks in open-ended answers in the Advanced Find. (Pub Kit)
  • Fixed a bug in the installer when question banks had been previously installed on a network path.
  • Removed "include formatted answer text" for the Blackboard 5 export, since the option had no effect.
  • Importing multiple chapters from a single RTF skipped the post-processing step, resulting in RTF not being completely well-formed.
  • Update checking did not store the dates correctly, and was causing prompts to appear too frequently.
  • The Solve button in the preview area was always hidden when opening a question bank or exam.
  • Improve the installation's ability to detect legacy installations and supress the requirement for a license key.
  • When getting the prompt about moving questions within a question bank, the list would still scroll in the background, even though the drop target had already been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem where duplicate session ids could be generated at TheTestingCenter.Com and cause problems when reviewing results.
  • Updated the language in the license dialog box.

6.54 (Build 0058 - 9/6/2007)
  • Exporting a file now warns you if the destination file already exists.
Bug Fixes
  • When setting up accounts for TheTestingCenter, leaving the id or password fields blank caused a crash.
  • The help buttons were not working on the RTF Import and RTF Keywords dialogs.
  • Installations off of a CD were not finding and using the data.inf for testbank installation.
  • The presence of extended characters in variable definitions would cause a crash when exporting to EDU 2.5+.
  • Exporting the Advanced Find HTML Report would crash when the report contained high Unicode characters (Pub Kit).
  • Merging during RTF Import would crash if the last question wasn't the last record (if a file had been reordered).
  • CTRL-X/C/V didn't work in additional answers under online grading (Pub Kit).
  • Added msvcr71.dll and msvcp71.dll to installation
  • "Insert Hyperlink" did nothing if no text was selected. Now it inserts the URL as the text for the hyperlink.

6.53 (Build 0056 - 7/13/2007)
  • New installation with an updated look and Windows Installer compatibility. Also added an EULA to the installation process.
  • New coefficient formatting options to make it easier to format dynamic mathematical expressions and polynomials.
  • New exponent and mantissa functions to allow custom rendering of scientific notation.
  • Diploma now checks for updates once a month by default.
  • New "keep questions together" feature for references keeps questions together when they are added to an exam.
  • New subnumbering properties for references allows customization of how questions are numbered.
  • Logos, URLs, and e-mail addresses updated to Wimba in the software and documentation.
  • New online getting started documentation.
  • Ability to supress use of non-breaking spaces during layout of the answer key.
  • Updated WebCT export names to use current Blackboard product names.
  • Added support for importing Unicode in RTF.
  • Added a silver UI style, and updated other UI styles.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem where performing an undo after creating a new question would remove all of the answer choices.
  • Fixed a problem where the undo feature was still available after reverting all changes to a file.
  • Fixed a problem with some dialogs that would crash Diploma after being displayed more than once (Page Setup and Scrambling Options).
  • Fixed a rare problem where Diploma would crash after a question had been deleted.
  • Merging RTF files would merge against the internal question record order and not the visible question order.
  • Fixed a refresh issue when editing a question that is not in the filtered item list in the question bank window.
  • Fixed an issue with edits made to the chapter name not being applied before saving the question bank or exiting Diploma.
  • Fixed a problem with creating a new chapter, detaching it, and then trying to reattach it.
  • Fixed the default path for creating new question banks.
  • Custom sorted information fields were not merging correctly when attaching a QF to the question bank.
  • License keys were not installing correctly on some foreign language systems.
  • Displaying variables formatted as scientific notation was truncating trailing zeroes in the exponent instead of the mantissa.
  • When exporting to file for CMS, choosing a path on a network server instead of on a local drive would crash Diploma.
  • When exporting to an online course, the "Remember Password" checkbox had to be checked. (Campus Edition)
  • The Regenerate Default Variable Values tool was not saving between chapters. (Pub Kit)

6.52 (Build 0049 - 3/21/2007)
  • The "Show Me How To" guides now include French and Chinese translations.
  • Exams can be saved with filenames that include Unicode characters.
  • Added use of the Windows Vista TaskDialog to replace Diploma's custom message boxes.
  • When copying questions from one question bank to another, global variables are merged together in the destination question bank. The user is notified if conflicts occur.
  • A message was added to indicate that the spell check completed.
  • RTF Importing help was merged into the main Diploma help file.
  • An question bank analysis tool was added, which is run before mastering question banks. (Pub Kit)
  • The Advanced Find list and the Log both support exporting their contents to HTML and CSV formats. (Pub Kit)
  • The Special Character search includes the option to search for all characters in non-standard fonts. (Pub Kit)
  • For mastering Tutor projects, the "Tutor Support Files" folder now supports subfolders. (Pub Kit)
  • Added a Pub Kit tool to process images that have DPI settings that Diploma is currently ignoring. (Pub Kit)
Bug Fixes
  • After exporting a file and then closing it, Diploma could not reopen the file until after Diploma was restarted.
  • When editing a question, the default variable values (the values used by the Mac version) remain in sync.
  • When editing a question in an exam, if the menus were accessed before clicking on any other control, Diploma would crash.
  • Fixed some column sizing bugs, including redrawing problems after double-clicking a column divider and handling some special cases regarding resizing the last column.
  • Custom sorting a field was not working correctly with 10 or more field values.
  • RTF Importing was not working on some systems, due to a menu updating problem.
  • Links to RTF Importing help now function correctly.
  • The IE7 version is reported correctly in the Tech Support dialog. More OS versions, including Windows Vista are identified correctly in the Tech Support dialog.
  • Fixed some scenarios where variables embedded in equations would not export correctly to EDU.
  • Fixed some layout issues with Windows Vista, due to the larger font.
  • The Answer Key option for the HTML/XHTML export was being ignored.
  • The messages displayed in different licensing scenarios has been improved.
  • Fixed a problem with the RTF importer when the question number keyword was not complete.
  • Fixed the D5 to D6 import when older equation objects were found.
  • The "relaxed" online grading setting was not being remembered correctly. (Pub Kit)

6.51 (Build 0039 - 1/9/2007)
  • RTF Import handles more side-by-side configurations for multiple-choice and multiple-selection questions.
  • Improved RTF Import's detection of default fonts and sizes.
  • Default Question Bank directory changed to install under My Documents, to help address Windows Vista compatibility.
Bug Fixes
  • Scaled 32-bit color images were not exporting to HTML.
  • RTF Import was losing formatting (italic, bold, superscript, subscript, strikethrough, and font size) at the beginning of text blocks when the original RTF file uses autonumbering for question numbers and/or answer designators.
  • RTF Import was not getting multiple-choice answers in some side-by-side configurations.
  • Canceling RTF Import did not work when replacing/merging files.
  • Merging RTF files resulted in extra font information being placed into question text, which caused some questions to show up in non-default fonts (such as Arial).
  • "Create Account" button on the options dialog for TheTestingCenter.Com was not working.
  • Exports for QTI 1.2 and WebCT Vista did not contain feedback.
  • Export to Blackboard was crashing Diploma.
  • Placement of bubble help window on the question list was incorrect.
  • Removed old icons from the resource list, so that refreshing the icon cache in Windows Vista will display the correct icons in shortcuts.

6.50 (Build 0035 - 11/3/2006)
  • "Show Me How To" feature helps first-time users by showing them exactly how to perform common actions.
  • Spell checking has been added.
  • New menu and toolbar component, including support for multiple visual styles (Office, XP Themes, etc.).
  • New program icons, updated toolbar and menu icons.
  • Compatibility with IE7.
  • Compatibility with Windows Vista (tested with RC2).
  • Verified supprot for Blackboard 7.
  • Added support for ANGEL 7. (Campus Edition only)
  • Added support for 13-digit ISBNs. (Publishing Kit Edition only)
Bug Fixes
  • Question duplication detection will not be triggered when two otherwise identical questions point to different references.
  • Added a workaround for the WebCT Vista 3 export where multiple exports would override each other when imported as a package.
  • Answer locking now works correctly with WebCT Vista.
  • Answer blanks will not be printed in front of Short Answer, Fill-in-the-Blank, and Essay questions.
  • Fixed the display of the "@" symbol appearing in the question preview for Multiple Choice questions that did not have a correct answer defined.
  • Fixed rounding errors in the algorithm engine.
  • Fixed a problem with some WebCT exports where short answer question text was missing when there was a reference.
  • Uploading to WebCT Vista now supports uploading via https. (Campus Edition only)
  • Online Grading tolerance now correctly exports when the setting has not been changed in the interface. (Publishing Kit Edition only)
  • Algorithms are now regenerated during multiple uses HTML Preview. (Publishing Kit Edition only)
  • When converting equations to RTF, degree symbols convert correctly. (Publishing Kit Edition only)
  • Improved conversions between question types.

6.45.0016 (4/21/2006)
  • All generated HTML hyperlinks now open in a new window by default. (Exam - HTML Exports)
  • Added hyperlink navigation capability to the editing and preview windows (double-click). (Exam)
Bug Fixes
  • Removed explicit background color from exported RTF files, as a workaround for a bug in the Macintosh RTF parser. (Exam)
  • Fixed unicode character exporting, ensuring that the extra "?" would not appear. (Exam - HTML Exports)
  • Fixed a problem with Blackboard exports, where images could be overwritten when imported into Blackboard. (Exam - HTML Exports)
  • Fixed problems with Trig functions in the algorithm engine. (Exam)
  • Fixed a crash associated with table border information when exporting to HTML. (Exam - HTML Exports)

6.45.0014 (4/4/2006)
  • New mastering options for mastering Tutor question banks. (Pub Kit)
  • Added ability to detect when running under Windows Vista, and use the appropriate UI font. (Exam)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug when renaming custom-sorted fields in the field information dialog. (Exam)
  • Made it possible to change the capitalization of a field value in the field information dialog. (Exam)
  • Fixed problems where DLL calls would not return errors correctly to Diploma, resulting in crashes. UI code now has the opportunity to catch the errors, and the Error-Trapped Version of the software can report them. (Exam)

6.45.0012 (3/14/2006)
  • Streamlined exporting process. (Exam)
  • Hyperlink support. (Exam)
  • HTML tables export with full background and border styles intact. (Exam)
  • New licensing system. (Exam)
  • Support for GIF images. (Exam)
  • Support for creating WebCT packages that import into CE and Vista. (Exam)

6.40.0012 (9/22/2005)
  • New question format, Multiple Selection. (Exam)
  • Fill-in-the-Blank and Short Answer questions can have multiple-part answers. (Exam)
  • Matching questions can have additional distracters defined. (Exam)
  • New question editing features, including closer association of correct answers and locking with the answer blocks in the editor. (Exam)
  • Support for export images to GIF inside HTML exports.. (Exam)
  • Support for exporting to Angel 6.2+. (Exam)
  • Support for uploading directly to Angel 6.2+, EDU 2.5+, WebCT CE 4, WebCT Vista 3 and WebCT Vista 4. (Campus Edition Only)
  • Support for assignment settings for Angel 6.2+, EDU 2.5+, and WebCT Vista 3 and 4. (Campus Edition Only)
  • New "Lock All Answers" Pub Kit Tool. (Exam - Pub Kit)

6.30.0065 (4/8/2005)
  • Importing and Exporting support for double-underlines. (Exam)
  • Demonstration capability added to Exam. (Exam)
  • New "Remove Tab Settings" and "Remove Indent Settings" Pub Kit Tools. (Exam - Pub Kit)
Bug Fixes
  • EDU Export now includes variables from references when exporting. (Exam - EDU 2.6 Export)
  • Improved button focus handling on Export Options dialog. (Exam)
  • Fixed crash when minimizing HTML Preview dialog. (Exam - Pub Kit)
  • Fixed crash when using the Set Field Value dialog when no fields had been defined. (Exam)
  • Fixed bad RTF output when questions had negative indent settings. (Exam)

6.30.0059 (2/2/2005)
  • New WebCT 4 export. (Exam - WebCT4 Export)
  • Disabled questions now appear in a greyed out color. (Exam)
  • HTML-based exports honor image resizing when exporting. (Exam - HTML Export)
  • EDU exports now include global variables into a question's variable definition. (Exam - EDU Exports)
  • Support for new features at TheTestingCenter, including open-ended and matching questions, limited attempts, and other features. (Eaxm - TheTestingCenter)
  • New feature to set field values and change question formats from within the Question Bank / Exam Document windows. (Exam)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where uppercase/lowercase differences in field names would cause them to be listed twice. (Exam)
  • Fixed a problem where having the question editor window open when importing could cause Exam to crash. (Exam)
  • Fixed a bug where the "Copy to a New Exam" button would copy to another question bank if one was open. (Exam)
Refactoring (Improving)
  • Major speed improvements for question banks with a large number of field values (banks must be re-saved to benefit from this). (Exam)
  • Updated automatic answer locking/scrambling logic. (Exam)

6.30.0023 (6/10/2004)
  • Native Windows XP theme support. (Exam)
  • Automatic Update feature. (Exam)
  • Enhancements to all HTML based exports, including splitting EDU 1.0 and EDU 2.5 exports, addition of IMS QTI 1.2 export, new export options, and ensuring more consistency of options between various export modules. (Exam - HTML Exports)
  • Unicode support to show special characters in the Question Bank and Exam window lists. (Exam )
  • Updated Xerces XML library to version 2.5. (Exam)
Bug Fixes
  • WebCT export no longer uses <div> tags for the first line of text, to ensure consistent appearance in WebCT 3.1, WebCT 4, and Vista. (Exam - WebCT Export)
  • User-defined functions are correctly added to the menu when editing variable definitions. (Exam)
  • Some special characters characters were being stripped at the beginning and end of first lines, this has been fixed. (Exam)
  • HTML-based exports recognize and export character-set encoded and unicode characters from RTF. (Exam - HTML Exports)
  • When automatically determining the correct answer for short answer questions, endashes are converted into regular dashes. (Exam - Online Grading)
Refactoring (Improving)
  • Generalized Grading XML library to be more accessible to other export modules. (Exam - HTML Exports)

6.30.0020 (5/12/2004)
  • New Advanced Find option to find questions that have multiple choice answers that are identical. (Exam - Pub Kit)
Bug Fixes
  • The Question Bank About screen no longer crashes Exam when running without XP themes. (Exam)
Refactoring (Improving)
  • Additional HTML entities were added to the "well-supported" list. (Exam - HTML Exports)

6.30.0019 (4/15/2004)
  • Added Online Grading tab to set options for grading open-ended questions online. (Exam - Pub Kit)
  • Updated EDU exporter to use Inline question types and to honor Online Grading settings. (Exam - EDU Export)
  • Enhanced EDU course module export to include an assignment when exporting an exam document. (Exam - EDU Export)
  • Enhanced the WebCT and PageOut exports to support automatic handling of Short Answer and Fill-in-the-Blank questions. (Exam - PageOut, WebCT Exports)
  • Enhanced Options dialog using new ListBar control, including combining Options, Proxy Server settings, and TTC.Com account settings. (Exam)
  • Combined Page Setup and Question Appearance dialogs using new ListBar control. (Exam)
  • Split out Import and Export options on the main File menu, including easier access to the most commonly used options. (Exam)
  • Added Excel-style financial functions (including FV, PV, PMT, NPER, NPV, PPMT, IPMT, CUMIPMT, CUMPRINC, and RATE). (Exam - Algorithms)
  • Added smarter equality checks for floating-point numbers in the algorithm engine, to check for equality within a range of the precision available. (Exam - Algorithms)
  • Enhanced proxy server support to automatically detect LAN proxy settings, and when it is appropriate to use the LAN settings, as well as full auto-detection and use of IE settings under Windows 2000 SP3 and Windows XP SP1 and up. (Exam)
  • Enhanced automatic answer handling to automatically export questions with answers longer than 100 characters as essay. Affects EDU, WebCT, and PageOut exports. (Exam - Exports)
  • "Internet Testing" features are now referred to as "TheTestingCenter.Com" in the interface. (Exam)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed problem with empty True/False responses in some cases, when exporting to TTC.Com, EDU, WebCT, and PageOut. (Exam - HTML Exports)
  • Fixed a problem converting HTML text to plain text when the HTML contained hex-escaped unicode characters. (Exam - HTML Exports)
  • Improved the range variable type (and range() function) to ensure that the top end of a floating-point range will be used. (Exam - Algorithms)
  • Fixed spacing around the period when replacing unnecessary equations with text. (Exam - Pub Kit)
  • Fixed a problem where deleting the content of the Disallow feature of range variables would cause the algorithm engine to return an error. (Exam - Algorithms)
  • Fixed a problem when trying to rename a field. (Exam)
  • Ensured that all TTC.Com communication is in secure mode. (Exam)
  • Fixed method for inputting EDU class field for uploading course module to EDU. (Exam - Pub Kit)
  • Fixed the merging option for RTF Import. (Exam - RTF Import)
  • The currently selected item in the question bank or exam document item list is remembered correctly during most operations, including adjusting filters. (Exam)
  • Improved importing of tables with surrounding text. (Exam - RTF Import)
  • Fixed the printing of some tables that used cell merging. (Exam)
  • Fixed a problem with setting table border and shading properties when there was more than one table in the text block. (Exam)
  • Fixed a problem bringing up the paragraph dialog under certain circumstances. (Exam)
Refactoring (Improving)
  • Random number generator is only seeded once, to ensure better cycling of answer possibilities when using the "solve" button in Exam to view permutations. (Exam - Algorithms)
  • Moved several controls into a new DLL (brgctl2.ocx). (Exam)

6.30.0009 (3/1/2004)
  • Added proxy server support for HTTP communication. (Exam)
  • Added ability to upload EDU course modules to the EDU server. (Exam - Pub Kit)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 6.30.0004 where Exam documents could not be exported to EDU. (Exam - EDU Export)
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 6.30.0004 where new Question Banks could not be created. (Exam)
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 6.30.0004 where double-clicking and right-clicking in the Advanced Find did not work. (Exam - Advanced Find)
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 6.30.0004 where fields could not be deleted using the Information Fields dialog. (Exam)
  • TheTestingCenter.Com export correctly uses font and character combinations that allow the use of embedded fonts for extended BRGSpecl and Symbol characters. (Exam - TTC.Com)
  • Improved some scenarios where Character Palettes would not respond to mouse clicks. (Exam)
  • Fixed a bug when trying to right-click on the Exam log. (Exam - Pub Kit)
  • Fixed the incorrect reporting of problems with multiple-choice answer during RTF Import into the generated reports. (Exam - RTF Import)
  • Fixed a problem where the correct multiple-choice answer marked by a "*" would not be found. (Exam - RTF Import)
  • Fixed a problem where the question bank would hide (but not be unloaded) when creating a new question bank using the File menu. (Exam)
  • Column sizes in the Open dialog are now remembered correctly. (Exam)
Refactoring (Improving)
  • Changed all HTTP communication to use a new, more robust component. (Exam)

6.30.0005 (2/10/2004)
  • Added a simpler header structure for use in RTF files to specify common import settings, including what information fields are used in the file. RTF Export (for reimporting) uses this new structure when exporing. (Exam - RTF Import)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug in 6.30.0004 where no files would be listed when attempting to import from RTF. (Exam - RTF Import)

6.30.0004 (2/9/2004)
  • Multi-column list controls support automatic resizing of column widths, tooltips for cell contents that don't fit, and better feedback of insertion point during drag and drop operations. (Exam)
  • EDU Export exports the Diploma XML algorithm definitions without conversion to target the Diploma algorithm engine for EDU (in EDU 2.5.2). (Exam - EDU Export)
  • EDU Export packages EDU files and images into an EDU course module for easier uploading into EDU. (Exam - EDU Export)
  • Enhanced rand() function to accept one paramter - rand(n) acts like rand(1,n). (Exam - Algorithms)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem where equations could not be viewed or edited in Windows 95/98/ME (introduced in 6.30.0002). (Exam)
  • Fixed a problem where saving blank keywords as default did not work. (Exam - RTF Import)
  • Fixed a problem where some tables with border settings would not print or export to RTF correctly. (Exam - Print / RTF Export)
  • An issue installing fonts on some XP systems has been addressed. (Exam - Installation)
Refactoring (Improving)
  • Updated drawing routines for color picker button, font selection controls, border selection control, drop-down menu button, frame heading, status info. (Exam)
  • Added new controls for tab strip, item/file list, and progress bar. (Exam)
  • Updated third party UI controls (menus/toolbars/option lists) and zip control to latest versions. (Exam)
  • Prevent status window from sizing larger than 65% of the main screen's width. (Exam)

6.30.0003 (1/7/2004)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem where some tables would not import correctly. (Exam - RTF Import)
  • Fixed a problem where the "Ans:" label for open-ended questions would wrap inside a table cell when printing the answer key information with questions. (Exam - Pub Kit)

6.30.0002 (12/15/2003)
  • New RTF Export to be used for re-importing into Exam. (Exam - RTF Export for importing)
  • Added new keywords to support all data exported by Exam using new RTF Export filter (including hints, question description, resources, disabled, answer locks, and global variable definitions) . Also improved whitespace handling (removing leading and trailing whitespace in all text blocks) and added whitespace checks before all keywords. (Exam - RTF Import)
  • Keyword settings are now stored in a method that is consistent with how the settings are defined in the keywords dialog. Keyword settings can also be set inside the RTF file itself. (Exam - RTF Import)
  • Better management of default keyword settings (acts like the Page Setup options). (Exam - RTF Import)
  • Added answer box size for Essay questions on WebCT exports. (Exam - WebCT Export)
Bug Fixes
  • Cleaned up font handling on HTML exports. (Exam - HTML Exports)
Refactoring (Improving)
  • Significantly improved the text editor's ability to handle large numbers of equations. This improves the ability to print exams containing large numbers of equations, as well as improves Exam's stability when editing lots of questions that contain equations. (Exam)
  • Upon opening question banks, attaching files, or importing rtf files, the global variables from all files will be combined and reset. (Exam)
  • When encountering a variable definition keyword, the keyword contents will always last until the closing XML tag. (Exam - RTF Import)

6.30.0001 (12/2/2003)
  • New pub kit tool, "Remove Unnecessary Equations". (Exam - Pub Kit)
  • New pub kit tool, "Update Corrupt Equations". (Exam - Pub Kit)
  • New pub kit tool, "Clean Unused Answer Blocks from Open Ended Questions". (Exam - Pub Kit)
  • New pub kit tool, "Remove Variable Definitions from Non-Algorithmic Questions". (Exam - Pub Kit)
  • Searching for Variables (under "Text must contain" and in More Choices) in Advanced Find also finds variables in equations. (Exam)
  • Three new options under "More Choices" for Advanced Find: find questions with an empty question block, with any empty MC answer blocks, or that contain variables in the text. (Exam - Pub Kit)
  • Two new editing tools, one to replace spaces in the current selection with non-breaking spaces, and another to replace dashes with n-dashes. (Exam)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed "Test All Variables" tool. (Exam - Pub Kit)
  • When using RTF Import to import variables, importing will not freeze on invalid declarations in conditions. (Exam - Pub Kit)
  • Baseline alignment for editing control fixed. (Exam)
  • An error experienced by some when opening Exam has been fixed. (Exam)
  • Fixed a bug where some multiple choice questions would not print correctly on one line. (Exam)
Refactoring (Improving)
  • Better code to ensure that RTF brackets are balanced when editing/printing. (Exam)

6.30.0000 (11/18/2003)
  • Picture alignment is preserved when exporting to HTML-based targets. (Exam - HTML Exports)
  • Feedback exporting improved for EDU exporting. (Exam - EDU Export)
  • Added groupindex(), valueat(), and numitems() functions. (Exam - Algorithms)
  • Added options for how to export WebCT title, with the ability to use the description, first line, or full text, as well as being able to use the question number. (Exam - WebCT Export)
  • Added Image List Variable. (Exam - Algorithms)
  • Added "Disallow" list for range-based variables. (Exam - Algorithms)
  • Removing first set of <div> tags in WebCT short answer questions to allow for grading of simple short answers. (Exam - WebCT Export)
  • For questions with a 1-letter answer, now sets size of WebCT answer blank to a smaller box (5 characters). (Exam - WebCT Export)
  • Includes character palettes for inserting special characters. (Exam)
Bug Fixes
  • Set WebCT FEEDBACK tag to recognize HTML text. (Exam - WebCT Export)
  • Fixed problem where chapter titles were not importing correctly. (Exam - RTF Import)
Refactoring (Improving)
  • Significant changes made to the print engine, to vastly improve performance. In addition, RTF Export will work even if printing doesn't, and documents can be exported using tab layout rather than tables if desired. (Exam)

6.20.0006 (9/3/2003)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem where chapter titles would lose filename restricted characters (:, *, ?, etc.) when importing. (Exam - RTF Import)
  • Fixed a problem with character palettes when Exam loses application focus. (Exam)
  • Fixed an issue with DHTML exports where open ended questions were not exporting answers. This was introduced in 6.20.0005. (Exam - DHTML Export)
6.20.0005 (8/8/2003)
Bug Fixes
  • Preview pane reset scroll bar on each record. (Exam)
  • Fixed bug when changing description, then immediately closing window. (Exam)
  • If a reference has no description, one is generated by default. (Exam)
  • Fixed problem where questions that were longer than a page would get truncated when exported to RTF and viewed in Word. (Exam)
  • Fixed problem with printing field information before questions. (Pub Kit)
  • Fixed problems with field names that were only numeric. (Exam)
  • Fixed issues with DHTML conversions that contain images in the responses. (Exam - DHTML Export)
6.20.0004 (6/2/2003)
  • Addition of character palettes for inserting special characters. (Pub Kit)
  • When exporting to WebEQ applets for HTML exporting, the export attempts to initialize the WebEQ viewer control to determine the correct size and baseline alignment for the WebEQ applet. An error message is displayed if the viewer control could not be initialized. (Exam - HTML exports)
  • When exporting equations as images, the baseline alignment is added as a style attribute. (Exam - HTML exports)
  • HTML Preview to allow you to see how the current record would be converted to HTML. (Pub Kit)
  • Advanced Find can now allow you to search for RTF field codes in formatted text. (Pub Kit)
  • Added statistics information to the Question Bank About dialog. (Pub Kit)
  • Added character set handling to RTF Import to correctly import characters in alternate character sets when possible. (Exam - RTF Import)
  • Added RTF Import keyword for variable definitions, and support of "[$x]" syntax for delmiting variables in RTF. (Exam - RTF Import)
  • Added RTF Import keyword for chapter properties. (Exam - RTF Import)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a scrambling issue when using questions with references. (Exam)
  • Fixed an issue where a deleted field would reappear. (Exam)
  • Added workaround for misformed font tables in some Diploma 5 RTF. (Exam)
  • Added better checks for invalid custom question formats in some Diploma 5 question banks. (Exam)
  • Added better checks for invalid font indexes in some Design Science equations. (Exam)
  • Fixed problems with converting Design Science equations to MathML when using the superscript template without any content in the base. (Exam)
  • You can no longer interact with the Question Bank or Exam windows while the question bank is being loaded. (Exam)
  • The Open dialog's list entries no longer appear to be editable. (Exam)
  • Chapter Properties are no longer case sensitive. (Pub Kit)
  • Fixed bug in DHTML when True/False question had no feedback. (Exam)
  • Fixed problem with scrambling when the first question in a scrambling block contained a reference. (Exam)
  • Blackboard Pool Title correctly exports when exporting a single file. (Exam - Blackboard export)
  • Numeric field names no longer crash the Field Information dialog. (Exam)
  • Installation fix to prevent overwriting of COMCAT.DLL on NT/2000/XP systems (On NT IE installs the correct file, on 2000/XP it already exists). (Setup)
Refactoring (Improving)
  • Consolidated cross-platform field handling code. (Exam)

6.20.0000 (3/18/2003)
  • Enhanced on-screen tips/guide screens. (Exam)
  • Preview pane for item list. (Exam)
  • RTF Import integrated with Exam and included with all installations. (Exam)
  • TTC.Com functionality available with all Exam installations, with a method for a professor to purchase an account if not provided by their publisher. (Exam)
  • Manage default print settings. (Exam)
  • More control over question scrambling. (Exam)
  • Manage standard instructions. (Exam)
  • Reorganization of record editor menu toolbar. (Exam)
  • Capability to backup the entire question bank. (Pub Kit)
Bug Fixes
  • Browsing through chapters created through RTF Import or D5 Import no longer causes the file to be marked as modified. (Exam)
  • Exams imported from D5 are marked as modified when they are opened. (Exam)
  • Creating static images for dynamic equations now works on all platforms/installations. (Exam)

6.10.0006 (2/12/2003)
  • Message Log for feedback from editing and exporting problems. (Exam - Pub Kit)
  • Filtering out questions that have images in the answers. (Exam - Bb Export)
  • Standardized folder/URL/filenames between batch and single-file exports. (Exam - HTML exports)
  • Now using "WebCT::Category" chapter property on export. (Exam - WebCT Export)
  • Changed "Test All Variables" to avoid use of the text editor. (Pub Kit)
  • Changed "Make Static Version" to avoid use of the text editor. This feature has been renamed to "Regenerate Variables" because it doesn't affect the algorithmic nature of the question -- it just changes how the data will be displayed on the Macintosh. (Pub Kit)
  • Dynamically create static images when importing/editing algorithmic equations. (Exam)
  • When converting to HTML without MathML, dynamic equations are now converted into static images. (Exam - HTML exports)
  • Added an interface for setting chapter-level properties. (Exam - Pub Kit)
  • Added support for batch importing of EDU files. (Pub Kit - EDU Import)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash when printing MC questions that had no text in either multi-column or single paragraph mode. (Exam)
  • Fixed open dialog "remove" command crash on XP systems, and also fixed additional pop-up menu that appeared after the remove command. (Exam)
  • Field values with extended characters import correctly. (RTF Import)
  • Fixed memory leak when importing EDU files. (Pub Kit - EDU Import)
  • If basic HTML characters were used from a symbol font (<, >, ", or &), they were not exported correctly. (Exam - HTML exports)
  • Fixed problem with PageOut export that caused Diploma to crash when exporting some TF questions. (Pub Kit - PageOut export)
Refactoring (Improving)
  • Force the minus character in Symbol to export as an endash. (Exam - HTML exports)
  • On HTML exports, references are being placed in div tags instead of tables. Specifically, this reduces the Bb first line display issue. (Exam - HTML exports)

6.10.0005 (12/23/2002)
Bug Fixes
  • Provided an updated SMARTUI2.OCX that fixed the "Run-time error '374': Failed to activate control 'VB.UserControl'" error message.

6.10.0004 (12/20/2002)
  • Improved MathML exporting for EDU to use simple variable names when possible.
  • Added comment tag for BB questions to force question sorting by original question number inside of BB.
  • For BB exports, now removing first <div> tag on MC answers to improve spacing on BB.
  • For EDU exports, added handling for blanks questions and additional "EDU::" fields.
  • Added hint exporting for EDU exports.
  • Added "endash" constant to algorithm engine.
Bug Fixes
  • In RTF Import, changing the "look for keywords that occupy the same line" now takes effect immediately.
  • In RTF Import, fields were not correctly imported when the "look for keywords that occupy the same line" toggle was not on.
  • Fixed problem with WebCT batch export that put images into wrong directory.
  • Fixed problem with WebCT export that caused Diploma to crash when exporting some TF questions.
  • Exam no longer crashes after removing last chapter from a question bank.
  • Fixed temporary file leak.
  • When exporting to HTML, improved table handling when tab settings are present (rare).
  • Improved processing of "real" dollar signs for EDU exporting.
  • Fixed negative signs returned from the algorithm engine inside of equations.
Refactoring (Improving)
  • Improved temporary file handling.
  • For all HTML-based exports, changed use of <p> tags to <div> tags for better spacing support across all browsers.
  • Added additional HTML cleaning to HTML-based exports.

6.10.0002 (12/4/2002)
  • Improved importing of Word Unicode symbols (those found in Symbol, MT Main, or MT Extra).
Bug Fixes
  • In RTF Import, lowercase answer keywords were not always accepted.
  • In RTF Import, the "Preserve paragraph breaks" toggle was backwards.
  • In RTF Import, some correct answers were not being imported when multiple choice questions were formatted in columns.
  • RTF Import fixed to handle extended characters.
  • "Additional" fields can be removed in RTF Import.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some images to crash the Mac version of Exam.
Refactoring (Improving)
  • Centralized MTEF/OLE processing, RTF text output, and RTF binary data handling.
  • Improved progress feedback for RTF readers.
  • Reduced the maximum number of attempts for satisfying conditions to 100.

6.10.0001 (11/13/2002)
  • JPG images are preserved in the file structure. Files that are inserted as JPG retain their original format -- PNG files that are too large (more than 50KB) are saved into the format as high-quality JPGs.
  • Menu item connects to Brownstone website to download latest updates.
  • Blackboard and WebCT exports publicly available.
  • Design Science equations can be exported to MathML for EDU, HTML, and DHTML exports.
  • MathML support includes Mozilla 1.1, Netscape 7, MathPlayer (IE 5.5+), and WebEQ applets.
  • Improved documentation for Exam, including full algorithm documentation, and documentation for RTF Import.
  • Undo functionality can be disabled.
  • Exam now uses the default template (file saved as template.ef in the same directory as Exam6.exe).
  • Hints can now be printed on the answer keys.
  • After adding a new branch or hint, the cursor is placed into that new entry.
  • Tech support dialog contains better information for known operating system names (Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, and XP).
Bug Fixes
  • Hints are now saved correctly.
  • New SMARTUI2.OCX that solves issues with Windows XP SP1 (due to one of Microsoft's "security" enhancements).
  • Images using the "[$Include:" tag in RTF now import correctly.
  • RTF Import works correctly when answers and field information are before the question.
  • Error with user-defined function -- e.g. "Hypotenuse(A, B)" -- the space after the comma was generating an error.
  • Fixed bugs with listtable rtf tags -- caused problems with copying text from some applications such as Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed bug where copying a question to an exam using the question editor would not copy an attached reference.
  • True/False specific responses are labeled "T" and "F" in the question editor.

6.0.0048 (8/22/2002)
  • OLE objects import from RTF.
Bug Fixes
  • MathType equations now correctly import from RTF.
  • Equations authored in MathType 5 (whether through RTF or natively in Diploma) are correctly recognized as equations, and therefore solve correctly when containing variables.
  • Answers in matching questions are correctly solved.
Refactoring (Improving)
  • Performance improvement on large images.

6.0.0046 (8/15/2002)
  • You can drag files from explorer and drop them on the chapter list to attach question files and exams into a question bank.
  • Algorithm editor usability enhancements, inculding:
    New variables are now inserte at the end of the list.
    After creating a new variable, the focus is placed in the variable name text box.
    After changing the variable type, the focus is placed in the variable name text box if the variable name has not been set.
  • Algorithm engine enhancements:
    Added the range() function (works like a range variable).
    Added the strcat() function (concatenates all string parameters).
    Improved handling of the special functions (if, choose, switch, and sum), so you can once again have a 'sum' variable.
    Added EDU-style aliases for the arc and hyperbolic trig functions (i.e. arcsin for asin, hypsin for sinh, and archypsin for asinh).
    The rint() function better matches EDU's rint() function (now accepts 3 parameters).
    Added _web and _edu constants (value of false in Diploma 6).
Refactoring (Improving)
  • Improved the speed of numeric and order of entry field conversions for the D5toD6 converter.
Improvements to RTF Import, including:
  • Automatic conversion of "Times", "TNR", and "Times Roman" to the default "Times New Roman" font.
  • Better loading of field information from the question bank.
  • First chapter imported into QB is automatically selected upon completion.
  • Asks to save changes to question bank before running RTF Import. (Solves lots of bugs.)
  • Fixes problems when overwriting exam documents that are open in Exam.

6.0.0044 (8/1/2002)
  • Support for RTF Import BETA included.
  • New HTML (static) export for viewing/printing.
  • DHTML Export now includes META document tags.
Bug Fixes
  • EDU Export fixed to include variable names in short answer answer text.
  • EDU Export includes option to support EDU 2.0 extensions.
RTF Beta Changes
  • RTF Import now converts tab settings to tables.
  • RTF Import will convert any equation (MS Equation, MathType, EE, etc.).
  • RTF Import feature's browse feature now uses the Desktop as the root.
  • RTF Import feature now correctly remembers last rtf path for each question bank.
  • RTF Import can now import rtf files as exam documents.
  • RTF Import has new "CHAPTER:" keyword to specify chapter title.
  • RTF Import now processes "FILE:" keyword to ignore DOS file name.
  • RTF Import now automatically handles group-based fields, and also allows multiple field values in a field keyword.
  • RTF Import Keywords dialog greatly improved.

6.0.0042 (7/12/2002)
  • Importing from EDU is now available in the Pub Kit. (Algorithmic data is not handled at this point.)
  • Exporting to EDU is now available in all configurations of Diploma.
  • "New Question Bank" button added to Open dialog and File menu item added to document window.
  • If no links available for Open dialog, a new exam document will startup by default.
  • Connectivity added for future RTF import filter. (Currently in alpha.)
Bug Fixes
  • If WebCT short answer question's answer text contains a ":" it is now replaced with a "\:".
  • Feedback is no longer provided for WebCT questions of type paragraph.
  • Zipping progress bar is updated so that compression percentage is more obvious.
  • Fixed a bug with the caption display that caused crashes with creating new questions, revert file to saved, and other actions.
  • Fixed a bug with the rtf reader that caused problems where text the last word of a question or answer might get lost.
Refactoring (Improving)
  • White space is being preserved in RTF to HTML conversions.

6.0.0040 (7/8/2002)
  • Right-click menus added to open dialog, advanced find, question bank and exam document windows, and record editor window.
  • Additional "info line" functionality on record editor to control visibility of question format, reference links, and field information underneath question text. (Right-click on info line to configure.)
  • "Open Folder" functionality for links on the Open dialog. (On right-click menu.)
  • Variable formatting: any number of decimal places can be specified (up to 30).
  • Variable formatting: can select between separation at 1,000 and 10,000 for each variable.
  • Exam informs you when you can't open a file due to it being open in another process.
  • Variable ranges export to EDU using EDU's new "range" function.
  • Exam now uses semi-colons instead of commas to separate multiple field values when used for display purposes.
Bug Fixes
  • "Set to Standard Font" now works.
  • Item List column preferences (visiblity and sizing) are now stored with the file.
  • "New" Exam files that had been saved will not be automatically closed when closing the question bank.
  • Equations were being lost when editing text that contained them -- this is now fixed.
  • Advanced find no longer crashes the program when you close the window while performing a find.
  • Fixed a problem with HTML exports where certain Unicode characters would not display correctly in IE when the original character was in the symbol font.
  • Icon on directory browse dialog did not render correctly under Windows XP.
Refactoring (Improving)
  • Consolidated RTF reader to better read all commands to the end of the text, and to make reader more maintainable.
  • Ensured that all RTF parsers correctly handle binary data.
  • Improved robusteness of all RTF/HTML parser stacks.

6.0.0038 (6/17/2002)
  • You can now convert Exam 5 question banks and exams by browsing to EF, QF, and IDX files in the Open Dialog.
  • The D5toD6 converter puts information regarding missing images into the text.
  • RTF->HTML conversions now use named or Unicode html entities or for special characters when possible (requires IE5+, NS6+, or Mozilla 6+ for most characters).
  • More raster graphics formats supported for inserting images. (Now supports BMP, DIB, RLE, DXF, EPS, FPX, GIF, IMG, JPG, PCD, PCX, DCX, PNG, TGA, TIF, and WPG. ImageMan is used to convert to PNG before inserting the image.) You'll still get better PNG compression (smaller image size) using a top-quality tool like PhotoShop or Paint Shop Pro.
  • Better handling of read-only Exams (must Save As) and Question Banks (cannot edit or save data).
  • Automatically closes empty, unmodified exams when closing question banks (like the exam opened at startup).
  • ListView controls now scroll their contents when dragging an item to sort within the control (affects field dialog, chapter list, exam/qb item list, and variable list) and also correctly update when using the keyboard instead of the mouse to change selection (affects chapter list, variable list, and advanced find).
  • Multiple identical log entries are ignored. (Particularly noticeable when running "Test All Variables".)
  • Advanced Find now has a "Copy To" item on the Tools popup menu.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug in Advanced Find where certain characters would show up in a "SymbolSymbol" font.
  • Exam won't crash with insufficient rights to register file extensions in the registry.
  • Current paragraph justification is now correctly shown on the toolbar.
  • Text editing cursor movements now scroll the editor control.
  • You can no longer get stuck in answer combo box by using cursor keys (which also means you can't get there using cursor keys).
  • Baseline alignment of question/answer text and labels working again (in the record editor).
  • Multiple recent entries for the same Exam file shouldn't be added on Win9x systems.
Refactoring (Improving)
  • Improvements in Undo performance. (Particularly noticeable with large graphics.)
  • Improvements in Record performance (affects saving/buffering to disk, building exams, and undo). (Particularly noticeable with large graphics.)
  • Improvements in i/o performance (affects buffering and saving data). (Particularly noticeable with large graphics.)
  • Improvements in syncing field value lists for custom sorted fields. (Particularly noticeable with moderate sized value lists across many chapters.)
  • Performance improvements in many RTF processors.
  • Changing a field value does not re-show the entire question (performance improvement).

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