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Publisher Solutions: TheTestingCenter.Com

Administering Internet-based tests has never been easier with Diploma's online testing capabilities. Instructors can easily publish Internet tests directly from Brownstone's Exam software for Windows or Macintosh. The tests can then be accessed by students through TheTestingCenter.Com web site hosted by Brownstone. Test results are easily imported into Brownstone's Gradebook software or viewed online.

Internet Testing Utility Screen Shot
TheTestingCenter.Com Web Site

Internet Testing Utility Screen Shot
Diploma's Internet Test Publisher


For a complete list of features, contact us.
  • Internet tests are administered directly from Diploma's Exam software
  • Student results can be downloaded directly into Diploma's Gradebook software, or view results online
  • Instructors can make tests available to any student who has an Internet connection
  • Uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt and protect information
  • IP address restrictions can be placed on test so the test can only be taken from specific locations
  • Time restrictions are available so instructors can choose when the test can be accessed by students
  • Instructors can decide whether students login using their names or ID numbers along with their passwords
  • Test questions and answers can be scrambled so that each student sees the test in a different sequence
  • Test feedback can be adjusted so that students can see all results with instructor responses or see no results at all
  • Formatting in Exam, such as tables and special characters, are converted to HTML for viewing in a web browser
  • Three levels of feedback are available for students who take the test

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