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Publisher Solutions: Diploma 6 - Mac OS
(Also available for Windows)

The Macintosh version of Diploma is built on the same code base as the Windows version. With the same file format and interface design, your data is guaranteed to be portable.

Diploma for the Mac integrates with TheTestingCenter.Com to provide online testing with no network administration. Diploma delivers tests directly to TheTestingCenter.Com, making publishing online tests easy. You can use TheTestingCenter.Com's roster tools to define a list of students for use with your tests, and view the results online.

Diploma Screen Shot

Diploma's question-editing and question bank management windows

All of Diploma's essential functions are available on the Mac -- test building, question editing, and superb quality print output.

Diploma is compatible with Macintosh OS X 10.3 and higher. A Windows version is also available.


For a complete list of features, contact us.


  • WYSIWYG text editor with full word-processor control including full table support
  • Built-in question formats include multiple choice, true/false, short answer, matching, fill-in-the-blank, and essay
  • Unlimited information fields associated with each question (topic, page, etc.)
  • Feedback (rationales) can be attached to questions (or answers) for use with on-line tests
  • References are used to contain tables, figures, and case studies that are used by multiple questions.
  • Instructions are used to provide information to students and may contain any desired information.
  • Self-grading tests can be exported as HTML files for use with Web browsers
  • Files can be exported to RTF format for use with any word-processor
  • Professors can preview tests before printing them
  • Users can create, install, and use an unlimited number of question banks
  • Tests can be posted to TheTestingCenter.com

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