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Publisher Solutions: Diploma 6 - Windows
(Also available for Mac OS)

Diploma was the first package to integrate test generation, grade management, and online testing software into one package. Now in its sixth generation, Diploma is consistently rated number one for ease of use and overall functionality in independent, comprehensive comparisons.

With Diploma, instructors can create tests, write and edit questions, and create study sessions for students. Tests can be printed in a wide range of formats or administered to students online. Diploma's unique synthesis of flexible word-processing and database features creates a program that is extremely intuitive.

Diploma Screen Shot

Diploma's question-editing and question bank management windows

Diploma integrates with TheTestingCenter.Com to provide online testing with no network administration. Diploma also makes it easy to export your questions to popular online assessment and homework management systems such as EDU, and course management systems such as WebCT and Blackboard.

Diploma is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. A Mac OS X version is also available.


For a complete list of features, contact us.


  • WYSIWYG text editor with full word-processor control including full table support
  • Built-in question formats include multiple choice, true/false, short answer, matching, fill-in-the-blank, and essay
  • Unlimited information fields associated with each question (topic, page, etc.)
  • Feedback (rationales) can be attached to questions (or answers) for use with on-line tests
  • References are used to contain tables, figures, and case studies that are used by multiple questions.
  • Instructions are used to provide information to students and may contain any desired information.
  • Multiple graphic formats supported (BMP, DIB, RLE, DXF, EPS, FPX, GIF, IMG, JPG, PCD, PCX, DCX, PNG, TGA, TIF, WMF, and WPG)
  • Equation editor from Design Science, Inc. based on MathType makes formatting and editing of mathematical and scientific functions easy
  • Support for MathML equation output for compatible systems
  • Powerful algorithm engine for complex dynamic question types and dynamic equations
  • Self-grading tests can be exported as HTML files for use with Web browsers
  • Files can be exported to RTF format for use with any word-processor
  • Files can be exported to EDU, WebCT, and Blackboard
  • Professors can preview tests before printing them
  • Custom splash screens can include the cover of the associated textbook
  • Users can create, install, and use an unlimited number of question banks
  • Tests can be posted to TheTestingCenter.com

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